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IMS Bench SIPp

This section is about a set of changes and additions to SIPp, contributed by Intel and aimed at providing an open source implementation of the IMS/NGN Performance Benchmark, ETSI specification TS 186 008.

To learn more about what it is and what it can do, please read the Introduction. To get a really quick feel for it, here are a couple of example benchmark reports for hypothetical systems:

To learn how to use IMS Bench SIPp and how to create scenarios that take advantage of the features it brings, please refer to the Reference documentation.

New features in SVN revision 587 (28-Jul-2009):

  • Support for SIP traffic over TCP. SIP traffic between each SIPp instance and the System Under Test goes over a pair of TCP sockets.
  • Support in the ims_bench Perl script, for scenarios without pre-registration. The script can now generate user data files suitable for tests without a pre-registration phase (e.g. for Application Server testing).